Dahua offers end-to-end smart carpark solution which helps all levels of clients to build an efficient and convenient parking lot. Dahua’s solution is mainly applied in off-street parking, including the sub-systems like ANPR-based entrance control and parking guidance. Relying on the advanced video analytics technology, the functions like smart entrance control, parking space status indication, parking route guidance and smart vehicle search by license plate can be well achieved.

Customer Concerns

• Protect the vehicles in parking lot from theft and vandalism
• A secure and convenient entrance control
• Save the time to find out parking spaces
• A data driven parking management
• Lower operation expense to get better ROI

Solution Features

• ANPR-based entrance control enables a secure and convenient vehicle access
• Spot detection camera secures the parking vehicle and collects the information like parking space status and plate number
• Find out free parking space with the indication on guidance screen
• Drivers can quickly locate the vehicle position by plate number
• Provide a rich set of operation reports to optimize the parking management
• Unified management platform simplifies system operation and maintenance
• Devices and vehicles can be showed on customized E-map
• Compatible with mainstream standards, easy to third party integration
Solution Architecture
Solution Diagram

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