The amount of traffic accidents caused by red light violation is increasing every year. It results in a great loss no matter to lives or property. Dahua red light enforcement solution takes and records images/videos of vehicles which violate the traffic rules in road intersection. Special industry design ensures 7*24h stable work in extreme outdoor environments.

Customer Concerns

• High reliability and wide working environment
• Easy to deploy and maintenance
• Less investment on transmission
• Easy to integrate with legacy system

Solution Features

• Real-time violation detection and analysis by camera to reduce the transmission burden and the back-end investment
• Edge storage helps to store the data sent by cameras when there is a transmission failure
• All-in-one design camera reduces the complexity of system deployment and maintenance
• High definition camera provides more details and covers multi-lanes
• Seamless integration with existing traffic light to obtain signal status
• Unified management platform simplifies system operation and maintenance
Solution Architecture
Solution Diagram

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