Featuring with the advanced video analytics technology, Dahua security solution for ATM enables the detection of criminal behaviors like physical damage and ATM-skimming instantly. In addition, it can also well secure the life safety of ATM users and bank staffs when they are operating or maintaining the ATM.

Customer Concerns

• Prevent the ATM from intentional damage and fraud in time
• Quick response when ATM user is facing emergency
• Supervision of the ATM maintenance by bank staffs
• High reliability to reduce further operation expenses
• Easy to integrate with third party

Solution Features

• Fully recorded ATM user’s operation and appearance 24 hours a day
• Detect loitering or masking suspicious people in real time by video analytics
• Detect fraudulent behaviors like ATM-skimming instantly with video analytics
• Video intercom helps user to contact service center in time when emergency happened
• Warning HQ when ATM is being tampered or damaged through vibration detector
• Ensure the compliance of ATM maintenance done by bank staffs
• Compatible with mainstream standards, easy to integrate with third party

Solution Architecture

Solution Diagram

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