Dahua mobile surveillance solution includes full products range from front-end cameras to back-end storage and management systems. The overall information of the vehicle can be well known by control center, such as speed, location and related video footages. The solution ensures the driving safety and simplifies the work of vehicle management. It is used mainly in the surveillance of public transportation.

Customer Concerns

• Secure the safety of passengers and drivers
• Durability and reliability
• Convenient to operate
• Lower operation expense to get better ROI

Solution Features

• Wide applications, such as city bus / school bus / taxi / police car/ rail transit
• A safer driving with the monitoring of vehicle’s inside/outside situations provided by HD cameras
• Speed, location, video footages and other information can be recorded locally or uploaded by Wi-Fi/3G/4G in real-time
• Aviation standard design ensures the application in the environment of vibration and dust
• Vehicles can be showed and tracked on E-map
• Unified management center to improve vehicle management efficiency
Solution Architecture
Solution Diagram

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