Base station is a very crucial infrastructure for telecommunication. Most of the equipment of base station has to run under a proper condition. Besides that, protecting the base station from theft and vandalism is another big issue. Now with the help of Dahua security solution for base station these two requirements can both be well achieved. It allows network operator to monitor the running condition of equipment and secure the facility instantly and efficiently even if there are thousands of sites.

Customer Concerns

• Ability to monitor both environment and running condition
• Protect the site from theft and vandalism
• High reliability and scalability
• Relief the burden of operation and maintenance

Solution Features

• Video surveillance, access control, environment monitoring and equipment monitoring are all integrated by FSU
• Ability of using wire/wireless network to forward the data back to control center
• FSU provides temporary storage in case the transmission is unreachable
• Highly customizable system, flexible to integrate with vast of third party sensors/devices
• Allowing control center to supervise on-site maintenance remotely
• Provide a rich set of reports to help network operator to make a better operational decision

Solution Architecture

Solution Diagram

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