Over-speed driving is a main reason that leads to traffic accidents as we known. Dahua portable speed enforcement solution can effectively help transportation authority to detect the vehicles which break the speed limit in all-weather conditions. The entire system adopts the cutting edge design which makes it easy to use and install. The built-in radar and camera provide the accurate instant speed of each passing vehicle with the high definition photo.

Customer Concerns

• High accuracy and reliability
• Can be used in complex environment
• Easy to use and deploy
• Ability to report the over-speed violation remotely

Solution Features

• Support to measure multi-vehicles in different lanes thanks to high precision 3D radar
• Besides speed, the details like plate number/vehicle type/lane NO. can all be gained
• High definition camera can work 24 hours a day
• A better on-the-spot enforcement due to long battery life, touch panel and compact design
• Easy to set up, ready to use in no time
• Can use wire/wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) network to forward data back to control center
Solution Architecture
Solution Diagram

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